Tiger Nail Art | Neon Animal Print Summer Nails Design Tutorial

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One of the first Tiger Nail Designs on Youtube, done for pennies with beautiful black and white animal print! These zebra print merges with tiger stripes and leopard for animal print galore nails with fierce details to pop colors and create an overall jungle effect! Tutorial Is inexpensive, fun and perfect for summer! Both rainbow nails and neon nail art are so very hot, try it and share it on my Nail Art fanpage and instagram linked below so I can see!

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  1. just wanna say i worked on this for an hr and a half redoing and fixing. not as easy it looks. i will keep practicing. thanks robin im learning so much.

  2. where do you get your brushes!

  3. its actually "my back, my neck, my back and my neck….im sewing ya all for 120, 000, but we can settle out court right now for 20$" from the movie Friday.

  4. I love love love this. I am such a big fan of the tigers and all big cats in general.
    Thank you Robin for sharing with us.

  5. omg!!! beautiful design…and u watch friday #best nail tech everrr

  6. que hermosos los tigres. grasias por sus decoraciones

  7. de verdad que sus artes son bellas Dios bendiga su don, quiero llegar aprender a dibujar como usted lo hace gracias x mostrarnos su talento

  8. I like your idea for nails

  9. wow very beautiful and cool nails and I love tigers

  10. I friggin love love love love this! omg wish I lived near u. I would have u do my nails all the time

  11. Robin you seems to amaze me every time :*

  12. Love the animal print and very cute tiger

  13. Hi Robin I am new to your channel. It made me smile when you and your daughter started chattering away in your own little world with one another, she sounds lovely. My daughter like your's is my best friend. We laugh together on the phone every day having similar conversations such as the one on your video. It's the funniest thing dont you agree?!

    Your nail art is captivating. I could watch your video's for hours if I had the time. Thank you for sharing. 😀

  14. I Love tigers and the nails are going to be very awesome and pretty.and cool

  15. You are very talented I love how you do your nails I tried to do a tiger print on mine as well did it come out exactly the same but he came out okay thanks to this video have a blessed day

  16. me guta su diseños de tigre neón

  17. I LOVE this playlist…I have had very little time to watch YouTube, but in a way it's ok, cuz I'm enjoying seeing all the newer additions, plus these older videos that I have enjoyed for the last few years! O:-)

  18. Robin this is so cool. I love your style. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us other industry girls! <3

  19. Good job,I like so muchYou can make nails with Egyptian flag?

  20. You do such a beautiful work,will love that you do mines,I love animal print and that tiger is awesome…

  21. I luv your videos not only do you do an amazing job with nail but I also enjoy the jokes and fun you have thank you for all the hot nail tips you have helped me look good and attracted more clients thanks I hope your days are blessed

  22. En los mejores doseños de uñas

  23. The tiger would be a hard one to master. !!!  The others, I could do, I think as I am no stranger with a brush of that style.

  24. You have some amazing nail art videos. I wish I could paint like you, especially on my self. I have not noticed, do you have any videos done with yourself as the nail model, working on yourself?

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