How to Polish Nails Professionally

Suzie shares a few tips for a flawless polish application.

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  1. Clear instructions, thank you. But how long do you wait in between coats? You said cold water, directly under the stream? At what point do you do this?

  2. Hello been watching you religiously really interesting to see.any tips on how I can I suppose cheap way to do my nails for as far as a critical pusher what would be adivsed, if I don't have any of these ,such as the brush I dont have as well. I'm also just getting into nails and I'm looking for ways to prefect them being i can't get then done anymore financially

  3. I actually ordered an acrylic set online. I bought polish around the same time. The polish came earlier. I painted my nails and it was a disaster. Kinda discouraged me a bit. This video was great! Thanks for the tips. Now to fix my crazy nails lol

  4. Saw the polish got on the towel. How do you remove it again

  5. Now how do I apply polish to my toes with out my legs falling asleep or without loosing my breath. The pinky toe is a menace!

  6. Hi Suzzie, I love ur videos, I have a question. Can anyone be a nail tech without any certified course?

  7. That is the BIGGEST bottle of Northern Lights I've ever seen!!!! <3

  8. Hi Suzie you really helped me with all of these videos I thank you so much and all of the advice that you give me and everyone who watches you thanks you very much and funny thing today I had sent to a store and got the same out the door top coat and when I saw that you use the top coat it made me feel that I can have the perfect looking nails just like yours

  9. I am a SAHM of 4 boys and love when my nails are done but can't fit regular trips to the nail salon into our budget. Using Susie's tips I make time every Friday night and do my nails and enjoy a glass of wine. Love her and thanks Suzie!!

  10. can you do a video on nail growth? Or reply and tell me in the comments? Im going to beauty school next year, Lol;)

  11. I find that when done painting my nails I have bumps or bubbles

  12. I love you But this doesn't help much 😩

  13. enjoy u so much I learn so many things

  14. u are very enjoyable to watch thanku love your ideas

  15. Can you please tell me the name of the brush you use to clean of polish with acetone?

  16. Can you remake this video at some point? Would love to get more tips/tricks with slower/tighter examples to go along with it. Love your videos!!!!!

  17. Suzy this one video where Cristine has you beat for knowledge that is given to the audience. Like, this entire thing was so quick, I think you need to make bigger and more elaborated points about the application and clean up around the cuticle and drying processes like she did. And also explain that two colour thing you did with silver and black more because it looked amazing! I've never seen it before and your line with the black over the silver was so smooth! We can't do that without instruction!

  18. I LOVE YOU ! you are my inspiration

  19. Susie is my moms namesake

  20. Enjoying some of your old vids with regular polish/natural nails. But I'm wondering is there a reason you always do your middle nail first? I try to go from one end of the hand to the other so I won't have to negotiate the wet nails.

  21. I have no free edge to cap😭

  22. I was really disappointed in this video. I LOVE most of your videos – really feels like a one-on-one class – but this one? πŸ˜› The voice over might as well have been "There are lots of polishes – put them on!" Not very helpful at all. Only thing "educational" about it was using a brush to remove excess. You are so skilled and talented, a great teacher, but this video was a throw away.

  23. hi Suzie can you do white tips please I like to where white tips

  24. Hm, this video was not as enlightening as I thought it was…. I am having many troubles with regular nail polish, and you didn't adress any of those here :/.
    1. I sometimes have problems finding the right "dose" of nail polish on the brush… It's sometimes is way to much but sometimes it's not enough….
    2. I have problems especially with chrome nail polish sometimes. It is really unforgiving if I paint over an area I already painted before as it will take of or "damage" the layer if you know what I mean (a little bit like you filing of the layers of nail polish ton get that Geode look)…. And it gets worse especially when I start painting in the middle of my nail like you suggested here.
    3. You always add those layers very quickly after one another, even the top coat…. Sometimes when I do this, I get those annoying little bubbles that only occur when the bottom layer is not fully dry (actually people working with any kind of laquer, also car paint for example can come across these, as I found out while researching the issue). I tried like everything…. Applying the layers very close to one another. Wating between the two layers of color but immediately putting on the top coat, and waiting around 30 minutes between every layer….. But still I get those bubbles sometimes. I really don't know how to avoid them. Is it really just the brand? Because I am using Essie and Sally Hansen currently for example, and I think both brands are a bit "better" than the regular drug store nail laquer, but still I have problems with those bubbles sometimes…. Does ist depend on the top coat? I am using quick dry top coat already.

  25. can you do a video on how to choose polish?please

  26. Should you apply the top coat while the polish is still wet?
    how long should you wait to apply it?
    Also, what is the brand of the glitter she has in that round bottle?

  27. I'm seriously learning to do nails because of your videos.. thank you!

  28. Out the Door has changed my life! <3 Thank you, Suzie, as a knitter/hand crafter, my nails were never painted because of the dry time. Life=Changed!

  29. I have just started my nail tech course. i can put my own nail polish on no problem, but have trouble putting it on other people. do you have any videos on that please. your channel is wonderful, so informative and presented in a very easy to follow manner.

  30. I don't see how you can "professionally" put on nail polish but k

  31. For a minute I thought she was going to polish mountain πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

  32. I am so happy with all the videos you share'β™‘ They are so awesome and gorgeous, i am not going to lie but my skills to starting and going into the nail technician got so much better and im happily doing what I love. I'm almost getting into school next month but really if anything the nails i've done are perfect and it's all thanks to the videos and designs you have shared here. Thank You. God Bless You and may you keep up with the videos.'β™‘ all the products you use look amazing. I can't get them cause they are pretty expensive but you do such a great job with all of them.😍

  33. not a big fan of nail art though i have been binge watching your vedios since last two days! it's like meditation, your voice is soo soothing, helps me concentrate on my studies.. your are awesome!

  34. This video was way too fast to learn anything.

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