How To Nail Art Design Foil Newspaper Tutorial Natural Nails

Hello my lovely viewers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Here you have a nail art tutorial step by step on mosaic nail art design.
Enjoy it. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, like, share and subscribe for more!
Have a lovely day and don’t forget every day of your life try to be your greatest version of your self in any aspects of your life.
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Weak nails Nail Care – easy start to grow long nails naturally – Tips and Tricks

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I love NATURE and it is my big inspiration for most all my designs.
I LOVE to paint on my natural toes/finger nails flowers, birds,lace details, jewelry nails,wedding nail art design,classic manicure,Summer nail art design as ,Spring nail art design as flowers, ladybugs,butterflies…

You will find designs for any occasions as Christmas,New Year,Valentines day,Easter,Birthday,Anniversary,Halloween any occasion you may have in your life.
My designs are feminine and romantic with a touch of edge some time:) all my design are done on natural nails/toes.

You will see me using glitter,rhinestones,pearls,micro beads(caviar beads),acrylic paint,nail polishes,base coat,top coat,nail art brushes,fine nail art brushes,detailing nail art brushes,everything on natural nails.

I like to find solutions to take care of my nails as natural as possible,so you will find on my channel oil treatments,natural treatments for weak nails,brittle nails,dry nails,peeling nails, dry cuticles,how to take care of your nails,how to do your manicure,how to do your pedicure.

I have also a toes art design section.Please have a look and find one that suit you!

I love to cook and try new vegan recipes.The time spent on cooking should be fun and simple,that’s why I like to keep my recipes simple and with just a few ingredients.
I’m on a vegan lifestyle for more then 7 years and I feel AMAZING,inside out,outside,my mind it’s more clear and I feel more awake to the real life.

I love to create things with my on hands,I love to do DIY projects and recycle projects as long as I can do it why not:)
In my vocabulary the words β€œI can’t” doesn’t exist,I like to try and see how it goes,I may succeed or I may fail, if I fail I like to try again:) but most of the time I succeed:)

I love fencing and I love to be active.
New on my channel is training videos, ladder drills, fencing footwork, practice target, lessons.
Enjoy it!

All the best!
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  1. I love is effect of nail foil and newspaper on my nails/toes, let me know if you every tried it. Have a nice day! LOVE

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