Black & White Ombre Gradient Nail Art Design Tutorial Video

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Hello You Guys!!!

Happy Friday ~

For today’s nail design I wanted to create something simple in black & white. Apart from Prom this design would go great for any special occassion an anniversary, wedding, gala.
Any two colors you choose to blend together will go great.

Have a Fun Friday ~

See You Next Time, Bye*


  1. love it what do you use to round the flower

  2. I think even I could manage this one πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. You are absolutely amazing. Great talent!! Keep the videos coming! And I'm trying to grow my nails out but it's taking a while so could you do some more tutorials with short nails? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I am really enjoying all your designs I have been trying afew too! I have a question if that ok, I used a base coat polish and top coat my nails last around a week my friends last less time. What is your process for keeping th eart lasting? Do you use special gels or UV lamps thank you x

  5. Can you please tell me what kind of lighting do you use ( I very like the rhinestones sparky) ? your nail art are absolutely stunning! Love them. Thank you for sharing

  6. Si hablas espaΓ±ol por k no ases los tutoriales en espaΓ±ol?

  7. I love this design. You are the greatest.

  8. what to know where do you buy all your nail brush design ?

  9. Que numero de pinceles usas y donde lo compraste?

  10. I LOVE LOVE all of your nail art work. It is amazing!

  11. HABLAS ESPAΓ‘OL???!!!! O_O Te juro que creΓ­ que eras indΓΊ(india) o de por esos lados jajaja Siempre te escuchΓ© un acento asΓ­ de esos lares πŸ˜› jeje

    De dΓ³nde eres??

    Me encantan tus videos y tus ideas, son geniales!! Un saludo desde Colombia!!

  12. quisiera hacerte una simple pregunta,
    yo llevo mas de 1 ano usando la quimica alemana y mis nails se me han enfermado una por una como si tuviese una bacteria, se despega la una de la carne y se torna amarillenta , me dijeron hoy que puede ser ese producto, que crees?

  13. Love this design! will definitely give it a try πŸ™‚

  14. Your nail designs are really pretty

  15. um i was just wondering… cn u paint with ur left hand???do someone do it for u??

  16. I wish I could grow my nails that long

  17. Soooo trying this tomorrow!

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