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Picasso Nail Studio
(JR 0025729-D)

Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. 峇株吧辖, 柔佛, 马来西亚。
Batu Pahat Nail Studio 峇株巴辖美甲中心
Batu Pahat Nail Art, Nail Fashion 峇株巴辖指甲艺术、美甲
Batu Pahat Manicure 峇株巴辖手部护理
Batu Pahat Pedicure 峇株巴辖脚部护理
Batu Pahat Wedding Maniacure 峇株巴辖新娘甲饰
Batu Pahat Acrylic Nail 峇株巴辖水晶指甲
Batu Pahat Nail Artist 峇株巴辖美甲师
Batu Pahat Hand Spa 峇株巴辖手部深层护理
Batu Pahat Foot Spa 峇株巴辖脚部深层护理
Batu Pahat Waxing (Female Only) 蜜蜡脱毛 (只限女性)
Batu Pahat Beauty

Address: 地址: Alamat:
No 1-15-A, Jalan Maju 1, Taman Maju, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

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Facebook: 面子书:

Picasso Nail Studio Members Group:

Email Address: 邮址: Alamat Email:

Contacts: 联络人: Hubungi:
Mandy Lee (Nail Artists)
016-725 8133
012-724 0819 Not Use Anymore

Business Hours: 营业时间: Waktu Perniagaan:
Preferable Call to Make Appointment and Reservation.
11am – 8pm from Monday to Saturday
11am – 5pm on Sunday

Products and Services: 产品与服务: Produk dan Perkhidmatan:

– Manicure 手部护理
– Pedicure 脚部护理
– Nail Art 指甲图案
– Wedding Manicure 新娘甲饰
– Buffing 打亮
– Acrylic Nail 水晶指甲
– Colour Gel 光疗甲
– Hand Spa 手部深层护理
– Foot Spa 脚部深层护理

Education / Lesson / Training / Class
– Perennial Nail Art Students 常年招收美甲学生

Other Services: 其它服务:
– Waxing (Female Only) 蜜蜡除毛(只限女性)
-+- Extra Strong, Extra Smooth, Extra Soft,
-+- Goodbye Razor! Hello to Flawless Waxed Skin……
-+- No more Hot Wax
-+- No more Burn Skin
-+- No more Sticky
-+- No more Painful
-+- No more Ingrown
-+- Remove hair as short as 1mm
-+- Feel The Difference

– Chinese Style Body Massage (Female Only) 中式全身按摩(只限女性)

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